Cruz's Bulldozers 1 yr. Guarantee


1 Year Health

We will replace your pet within the 1st year of life under the following conditions: 


1a. In the event of the death/contraction of disease by your pet due to genetic or hereditary disease Seller will replace the pet with another of equal value by the stipulations laid out below. Seller reserves the right to withhold certain puppies from the replacement program. Original pet if living, all documents requested by Seller, and signed AKC papers are to be returned to Seller no later than 7 days after exercise of this Guarantee.

1b. In the event of the death/contraction of disease by your pet due to genetic or hereditary disease throughout the pet’s first year of life, Seller will replace the puppy with the first available puppy of equal value, same color if possible, same sex, etc.

1c. Purchaser is responsible for the daily care and upkeep of the pet, including all immunizations and examinations recommended after purchase, as well as providing necessary vet visits, medication and follow-up treatments from vet visits.

your guarantee!

Ø  Pet must be examined by a licensed vet within 1 business days of receipt. All vet visits, nutrition receipts, etc. must be kept & made available to Seller upon exercise of this guarantee.

Ø  Buyer must notify Seller office by phone immediately (within 24 hours) of the diagnosis of the condition and request a replacement puppy.

Ø  All shots, worming, and heartworm preventative must be kept up to date and documented by a licensed Veterinarian, records of which are to be provided to Seller by e-mail or Fax. A heartworm test must be done on living pets by your Vet and the results must be Negative. If a positive test results, your pet does not qualify for replacement.

Ø  The pet must not be altered in any way. Note: Spaying or neutering young animals can contribute to improper bone, muscle growth, & maturity, which is especially important in the Bulldog Breeds.

Ø  The pet, if alive, signed AKC Papers and All Health Records must be returned to Seller at Owner’s expense within 7 days of a replacement request to be eligible for a replacement.

Ø  Pet must be kept on NuVet Supplements for life and be fed what is considered a high grade dog food. Most foods purchased from PetSmart are eligible. Most foods purchased from Walmart will void this guarantee. Keep ALL receipts! We will ask for them. NuVet Supplements can be purchased from the link on our site.

Ø  Buyer must supply to seller immediately ANY requested receipts, vet records, or any other request from seller at any time.

The value of the pet for the purpose of this guarantee is solely the original purchase price, not including shipping costs, crate, health certificate, or other costs.

Replacement pets have NO Guarantee; Seller cannot & does not replace replacement pets.

Any condition found to be the fault of improper care or diet is NOT Covered under this Guarantee.

Any condition or illness contracted AFTER the Buyer takes possession of the pet is NOT covered by this Guarantee.
Example: Pneumonia.
Hereditary conditions are present at birth & therefore cannot be contracted.

Seller will replace my pet with the 1st available equal of the same breed & sex. I understand that Seller has the right to withhold specific puppies from the replacement program at their choosing. 

Seller will not pay Vet Bills or reimburse me for any Vet or Other Bills in connection with original pet or replacement pet under ANY circumstances.

Seller will not accept any returns other than pursuant to the Guarantee, below and under those circumstances only, shall the Pet be replaced.

Limitations of Guarantee: The Guarantees herein are non-transferable. The pet must be in good physical condition. No replacement will be given if the pet has been bred or develops hip dysplasia due to excessive weight gain resulting from the dog being neutered or spayed. No replacement will be given if breeds that are known to be prone to hip dysplasia are overweight or over-exercised. No replacement will be given if the registration application form has expired. Customer must follow the seller
recommended nutritional program, including recommended food and vitamin supplements. Customer must retain all receipts for food, vitamins and vet records to show adherence to this guarantee. Pets must not be over-exercised during their growth period, the first two years of life.  All of the above-mentioned conditions must be met or all Guarantees will be void. A licensed veterinarian must do all laboratory verifications. Customer is responsible for transportation costs to and from Seller. If pet is found and certified by a licensed veterinarian to have congenital or hereditary disorders that adversely affect the health of the animal, and if Seller is notified within one business day of the veterinarian's determination, then Seller will provide a replacement pet of equal value under the terms herein. However when making a claim, Seller may request the customer to get a second opinion from another vet before being reviewed by our vet. Seller will not be responsible for veterinarian fees or shipping costs. Seller is not responsible for any veterinarian expenses accumulated on returned or replaced pet.


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